How to spice up your summer drinks – Part 2

This is blog post number 300!!!

There’s nothing better than a nice refreshing drink in summer. But what’s even better is when the drink also looks good. I love to spice up my drinks and turn them into something cute. I already uploaded a decoration idea on my blog.

How to spice up your summer drinks

Today I am sharing a very handy decoration trick with you. This one doesn’t just look cute but also protects your drink.

The only thing you need for this is a straw and a muffin case. You take your straw and poke it through your muffin case. Then you add your straw to your drink and no fly will find the way into your drink.

I think this looks so cute and comes in very handy when many people are around because they can write their names on to the cases.

What do you think of this decoration idea?

Let me know in the comments.

Have a lovely day!

Love, x


Vidtuesday – summer lookbook

Welcome to a new Vidtuesday- post! Today I am sharing a video from Alex Centomo with you. I love this girl so much and she’s uploading so many great videos on her channel.

The video I am sharing with you today is her Summer lookbook. First of all Alex has the most amazing style ever and I love every single outfit she’s wearing. She’s also selling her old clothes on Instagram which is so cool.

Summer Lookbook!



I do not own the rights to this image


This video is just amazing! I love the way they filmed it and I love the music. It’s such a great summer video and I want a gingham dress for so bad. I think the gingham-dress is my favourite outfit. I am obsessed with gingham but sadly don’t own a single gingham piece. But I really love seeing other people wearing it. I also love Alex’s hair! It’s so long and so nice and she’s just such a pretty girl.

Do you know Alex? Let me know in the comments below.

Love, x



What I ate Wednesday 

I’ve never done a ‘What I ate’ post before! I am really excited to upload my first one because I had so much fun creating my meals and taking pictures of them. My meals often don’t look as nice as here because I just put everything on a plate quickly and then just eat it. But it’s really fun to create a good looking plate and the food tastes even better ;).

Let’s start with my breakfast. To be honest, I often skip breakfast in summer because I never feel hungry when I wake up and it’s so hot already. But today I was hungry and I’ve been obsessed with these croissants lately. They are so easy to make. You basically buy the finished dough and just roll it into their shapes and bake it. So easy, but so tasty!



In summer I love to eat salads. They are so fresh and nice and often I don’t fancy a hot meal when it has 36 degrees (Celsius) outside. I do like to make my own salad sauce, but I got a bit bored of it. So I decided to by a finished one at my supermarket and omg! The American dressing is so so good. I’ve really been obsessed with this lately.




Between lunch and dinner I always need a little snack. I love to have carrots as my little mid-snack. They are so tasty and so nice and fresh.





I am so obsessed with rice at the moment. I always loved eating rice, but I don’t love to cook it every single time. I found these amazing cooked rice portions at my supermarket.


I am eating these for years, but forgot about them lately. Now I am obsessed with them again and always love to have them for dinner.




This is my favourite food at the moment and I eat it nearly everyday because it is so quick but so delicious. I always alternate with vegetables. Today I just fancied some peas.

And of course I have to have an ice cream or something like this for desert. It’s always so hard to pick one.


Summer means iced-lollies 🌞

I hope you enjoyed this post! I had so much fun taking you along my day and showing you what I eat.

Love, x



Vidtuesday – Summer holiday 

If you read my My favourite YouTuber – Tess Christine  post you will know that I am so obsessed with a girl called Tess. She uploads such great content over on her channel. The videos I love the most are her travel diaries. I think it’s really cool that she travels to so many different cities and countries and always takes us with her in her videos.

The video I am sharing today with you is the perfect video for summer, or summer holiday. She uploaded this last year but I just can’t stop watching it, especially not during the summer.


In this travel diary she shows us her and her boyfriend’s hometown. Although she visits so many amazing places, this video is my favourite because it just feels so real and domestic. They do some pretty cool water activities and I love that they just show that you don’t have to fly somewhere or do always crazy things during summer. Although I wish I could have a campfire like them too.

As always the music is awesome in this video and you just want to grab your besties and have the most epic summer with them.

Have you watched this video from Tess before? Let me know in the comments what you think of it.

Love, x