Beach walks 

As most of you know I was on holiday last week. I had such a great time, but it was a no-internet time which actually was really relaxing and I didn’t miss anything. I stayed at a little village called ‘Seedorf’ in Germany. We had a great appartement and everything was nice and clean. This village persisted of two maybe 3 houses, but I loved it. We only had to drive for half an hour to get to the sea or a city.

When I was about 10 years old my biggest dream was to study marine biology and live by the sea. The sea still has a special place in my heart. Whenever I look at the sea everything seems fine and it’s just so relaxing.

We visited quiet a few different beaches and it was so much fun to discover each one. Of course I took quiet a few pictures of the sea and beach. I hope they are as relaxing for you as they are for me.

They also played movies at the beach. A cinema right next to the water. We stayed there a bit and watched two movies. This was just so cool and two unforgettable evenings.

Life isn’t easy and these pictures let me forget any little or big problems for a moment. I wish these pictures would feature the sound of the waves and the screams of the seabirds.


Do you love the sea? Let me know in the comments.

I hope you have an amazing day and thanks for stopping by!

Love, x



What I take on holidays -weekend edition 

How hard is it to decide what you really need for these few days you are away…. I always over pack like crazy but this time I really tried my best to just pack the things I could really need 😉

Starting with clothes. Because we technically still have summer I packed a few shorter things to wear. Because I didn’t want to bring hundreds of shirts and shorts I took my three loved jumpsuits with me because they are one peace and you don’t have to thing about which shirt will look good with which short.

H&M both

Urban outfitters

I don’t know if I am going swimming there but incase I do I packed a bikini which is brand new and I love it so much.

Vero moda (Asos)

Because the weather could be colder than what I am hoping for ( it will be amazing and sunny just in case I am a bit more colder) I packed a jeans and a shirt too.

Urban outfitters

For shoes I take these two with me in hope I can get away with wearing my birkenstock all the time because they are so Comfy.

For make up I keep it really basic and just take a mascara, concealer, BB cream and a powder with me and my two realtechniques make up brushes.

For shower gel I take my loved new one with me and for hair stuff I just use the one my mum takes with her 😉.

Of course I am going to take million of pictures so I take these ones with me as well as my phone.

I am not going to forget my lovely sun glasses.

The bag I put everything in is this one which I got for a present three years ago from my mum.

To don’t get bored I take a book with me as well. This one is by Jojo Moyes , I am so obsessed with her after reading me before you and I hope this book is going to be as good as her other ones. ❤

Of course I also take a charging cable and stuff like that with me and headphones for the drive.

For the drive I downloaded lots of songs on Spotify (I have Premium at the moment) because I won’t have internet and I can’t drive without listening to music.

But that’s all the important stuff I take with me for my weekend trip. I am so excited to see a new side of Italy and just to relax and spend time with my family.