Jelly and gelato – Zoella beauty range 

As a big Zoella fan I had to try her new Beauty range. I love Zoe’s products and I am always so excited when she announces a new Beauty range.

Jelly and Gelato


Can we just talk about the amazing packaging? You probably saw the pictures of her new products, but how cute are they?! I am always so in love with her products without even smelling or testing them.

I bought the new shower gel Shower sauce and the new scrub Cream scrub. I’ve never tried shower products (shower gels) of Zoe’s before so I was really excited to try it.

Her range is called Jelly and Gelato but I wasn’t expecting this consistency of her shower gel. It really is a Jellyshower gel because it feels like Jelly. I think this is so amazing and I love the texture. As soon as you wipe it onto your skin it feels like a normal shower gel. This is such a clever and fun twist to this product.


I love Zoe’s scrubs. I’ve already used her Tutti Frutti scrub and her Pretty polished scrub and I love them so much! The new one has a different texture and I was really excited to try it. I’ve never tried a cream scrub before but I love it! It feels so nice on your skin but has the peeling effect you are looking for. I love that it is a really gently scrub and doesn’t fell hard on your skin.


I loved ever single smell of Zoe’s products. I was really excited to smell the new scent and I love it! I am so bad at explaining smells so if you can sniff it yourself and let me know what you think of it.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Do you like Zoe’s new range? Let me know in the comments below.

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My favourite Youtuber – Alex Centomo

I’ve featured the lovely Alex already in my Vidtuesday series, but because I love her so much I had to feature her in this series too. I am watching Alex for nearly 2 years and I am loving her videos so much!

Alex is 27 years old and engaged to her fiancé Dan. They are both so freaking cute together and I can’t wait for them to get married. Alex uploads beauty, fashion and lifestyle videos on her main channel. She has a second channel where she uploads her amazing vlogs.

The first video I watched of hers was this one:

Santorini, Greece! // June 2015


I do not own the rights to this image

So the first video I watched of hers was a vlog. I love this vlog so much because Greece is such a beautiful country and Alex shares some amazing places. Normally I discover youtubers through their main channel so it was really nice to change that and discover Alex from her more personal side.

But I am also in love with her other channel where she uploads lookbooks and make up tutorials. One of my favourite videos are her travel diaries, especially this one:

Paris! // Travel Diary + Lookbook


I do not own the rights to this image

I love everything about this video. The music, the outfits, the way they filmed it. Just everything!! It’s one of my favourite videos and I watched it a hundred times already.

Same goes for this one which I shared a few days ago in my Vidtuesday series.

Summer Lookbook!


I do not own the rights to this image

I love Alex so much and I highly recommend checking out both of her channels. Personally I prefer her vlog channel because her vlogs are insane and so much fun to watch but I am also always down for one of her main channel videos.

Do you know Alex? Let me know in the comments below.

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New glasses 

27. July 2017

Two years ago I got my black ray-ban glasses. I love them so so much and I am so happy with them, but I really wanted some new ones. A few weeks ago my sister, mum and I went for a little shopping trip and we found some amazing glasses. I fell in love with them and got them.


The glasses are round and dark-grey. They are something different and so cool. They are really on trend right now. I see so many people walking around with similar ones. They are a bit big for me so I have to get them fixed, but I can’t wait to wear them out.


I wear glasses since I was 7 or 8 years old so they are really special to me and a big part of me. That’s why I wanted to upload a little post about them.

Do you wear glasses? Let me know in the comments below.

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Manhattan X-treme last lipliner – review

I love a good red lipstick! I love wearing lipsticks in general, but I do prefer the liquid lipsticks. I absolutely love the look of it. I am not a shiny lipstick person. So many Youtubers are using only a lip liner on their lips and it always looks amazing. Because of that I thought it was about time to get my first lip liner.


I am buying products from the brand Manhattan for years now. I am using their powders, bronzer and mascaras. I love the good quality of the products, but I also love that it is a really inexpensive make up brand. That’s why I went for their lip liner and also because the red looked so amazing!


Manhattan X-treme last lipliner Colour: 44N

I wanted a red like this for ages! It is so bright and just such a great colour. The day I wore this lip liner for the first time I already got a compliment for wearing it. My mum loves the colour so much and I was so happy when a total stranger told me that too.

Now let’s break it apart:


As I said this red is amazing! It is so bright and it really shows off.


This lipstick lasts all day. I was drinking, eating and walking in the rain and you could still see a bright red on my lips. Of course it faded during the day, but I am more than happy with how long it lasts.


When I applied it it felt a little bit sticky on my lips. I was a bit worried but after a few minutes/after the colour dried, I felt like a normal liquid lipstick.

Price: 1,85 €

End result:

I am obsessed with this lip-liner! I wore it every single day during my holiday and it’s just my favourite red lipstick.

Rating: 5/5


Do you like lip liners? Let me know in the comments below!

Have an awesome day.

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