My Halloween outfit

So we don’t really celebrate Halloween in Germany. This is probably shocking for some of you but we don’t dress up and we don’t go trick or treating. I mean a few people do these things but it’s not really a common thing.

Because I don’t dress up on Halloween I still wanted to feel the Halloween vibe and put a sort of Halloween themed outfit together.

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I got this shirt last year for my birthday. I saw it on ASOS and wanted to order it but it was sold out. I told my mum about it and I she was faster than me and got it for me. Well, it was my sister’s present for me but my mum ordered it. I absolutely love this shirt and I mostly wear it with some black jeans, but today I felt adventurous and wanted to create a different outfit.

I paired it with some jeans from ASOS and I really like the look of it. I mean it probably doesn’t scream Halloween but for me it’s the perfect Halloween outfit considering that we don’t celebrate it. If I go to a party I would wear it with some black jeans and probably some heels but the only Halloween party I’ve been to was my own and it consisted of a friend and me watching Harry Potter for hours.

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I hope you like my Halloween outfit. I know it’s sad that I don’t dress up, sorry Kali. I am so excited though to see your costumes.

Love, x









How I wear my sandals in fall

It’s cold, it’s sweater weather, it’s fall. I do love fall a lot, but I also love my sandals and at the moment I really want to wear them. I saw so many people wearing sandals with socks and first I wasn’t too sure about it but now I absolutley love this style.

I went for some pink glitter socks. I bought them for my mum for christmas last year. She absolutely loves them and because she is just amazing she lets me borrow them.

I think they look so cool together with my sandals. I really love this style. There are so many options to style them, I went for a pink outfit today.


Jeans – H&M  Shirt – Mango

I wore my sandals together with some black jeans and a pink shirt. I really love this outfit! I think it looks so cool and I am so obsessed with this look.

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Do you like this style? Let me know in the comments below.

Love, x











Spiderweb cake

I hate spiders, but I love the pattern of a spiderweb. I really love to bake Halloween themed goods and making this one was so much fun. This was also so so easy to make.

I used my trusty Zebra-cake recipe. It’s so delicious and as I said so easy to do.

I wanted to have an orange-black cake which didn’t work. But yellow-black looks cool too, am I right? Also can I just say how messy this was? I really hope you like this picture because I spent 15 minutes cleaning the table afterwards.


After the cake baked (and burned a little bit) I draw the spider’s web on top of it with a mixture of icing sugar and water. Again, this was quiet messy because my mixture was really watery but I love how it turned out.


I love this cake so much and it tasted so so good! Let me know what you think of it in the comments below.

Love, x


My first brown lipstick

I saw so many people wearing brown lipsticks and I loved the look of them, but I didn’t think they would look good on me. My amazing mum got me a brown lipstick for my birthday and omg! When I saw it I was so excited and now I am obsessed with a brown lip.

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I really love the look of it, like so much. My mum is also so obsessed with it and we love to wear this one out. NYX is probably the best lipstick brand and my mum and I own quiet a lot of their lipsticks.

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I am obsessed with their liquid lipsticks and now I am also so in love with their lingerie ones. They feel so nice on my lips. I have really dry lips but this lipstick totally works for me.


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NYX Lingerie – 01Honeymoon


Do you like NYX lipsticks? Do you like wearing a brown lipstick? Let me know in the comments below.

Love, x