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Cacti-picking 🌵

After all my cactus-themed posts it was time to adopt a real one. So my dad, my sister and I went to a little Garden Center to pick a cactus for me. I love going to Garden Centers. It's so calming and seeing all these beautiful flowers makes me just so happy!   I wanted… Continue reading Cacti-picking 🌵

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300 ghosties

I tried to write this post for so many times now and I feel like I just can't do it as perfect as I want it to be. I am just overwhelmed to be honest. I never thought that so many of you stop on my little space in the internet and leave such amazing… Continue reading 300 ghosties

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The most refreshing face mask 

Yes! I have another fruit obsession: WATERMELON. I love eating watermelon! It's probably the most tasty and refreshing fruit ever. So when I went to my local DM (like Superdrug) and saw a watermelon-face-mask, I just had to buy and try it and I love it. As I said, I love that watermelon is such… Continue reading The most refreshing face mask 

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How to spice up your summer drinks

It's getting so hot where I live so I think we can say summer has officially arrived. There's nothing better in summer than a nice refreshing drink. But I always like to spice them up so that they look extra cute. Today I am sharing a simple but cute idea on how to spice up… Continue reading How to spice up your summer drinks