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Charcoal peel off face mask #review 

Finally finally finally I got my hands around a charcoal peel off mask! I wanted to try these for ages but all the masks I saw where super expensive and I didn't want to spent that much money in case I don't like them. My trusty loved 'DM' (like Boots, or Superdrug) has an incredible… Continue reading Charcoal peel off face mask #review 

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Beauty and the beast review (SPOILERS)

Before I start rambling about the movie please only read that if you watched the movie already. I really don't want to destroy your cinema experience, xx.  Where should I start! First of all I absolutely loved the movie!!! I laughed so much and I cried a few times! As you know I was so… Continue reading Beauty and the beast review (SPOILERS)

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One wish in Manhattan -February #bookclub review (big spoilers)

This month's book was 'One wish in Manhattan' by Mandy Baggot.  I picked the book by the cover which I normally don't do, but the cover is so beautiful! The book just had to be good. The book is written in two perspectives. One perspective treats a mother and her daughter. The mother is really… Continue reading One wish in Manhattan -February #bookclub review (big spoilers)

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Easy waffle mixture 

Everybody loves eating waffles and crêpes on the Christmas market but doing it yourself is even more better and delicious. ❤ I baked these waffles with my sister and they tasted so so so delicious. 😊 You will need: 250 grams of butter  200 grams of sugar  2 eggs 8 grams of vanilla sugar  500… Continue reading Easy waffle mixture