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How to achieve the perfect shh #PLLW

I am so sad that this is the last post for my Pretty little liars week.  I had so much fun creating all these Pretty little liars themed posts! I hope you enjoyed them as well. Also sorry for not uploading one yesterday, I am sick so I couldn't finish it. We all know the… Continue reading How to achieve the perfect shh #PLLW

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What’s on my phone #PLLW 

Imagine the pretty little liars girls without a phone.... the whole series wouldn't have worked, don't you think?  A sending letters? Sounds weird!  Because of this I want to share what's on my phone with you today. Let's start with my main part. As you can see I have Instagram, Twitter (@gluecksgeist06), Snapchat (although I don't… Continue reading What’s on my phone #PLLW 

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For all the Coffee addicted #PLLW

Today on my third post during my 'Pretty little liars week' I want to share something coffee related with you. These girls must have coffee in their blood because they drink so much, especially Spencer. So I thought these tiramisu cupcakes would be perfect!         I am so happy with these cupcakes!!!… Continue reading For all the Coffee addicted #PLLW

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Kisses, A #PLLW 

 "Just a friendly tip. Maybe Hanna and her mom can share a lawyer. Kisses –A"   "I know what happened 2 ur mom. Bring the lair and u'll know 2. Kisses –A" Hi everybody! Today's post during my Pretty little liars week is about lipsticks. A is so "kind" and always sends the liars kisses at… Continue reading Kisses, A #PLLW