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Get well soon DIY card – Mary Poppins inspired 

No, I am still not over with Mary Poppins. So today I wanted to share a 'get well soon' card idea inspired by the song 'A spoonful of sugar'. I am so happy on how the card turned out. The card also fits for every get well soon- occasion, so if you dont like Mary… Continue reading Get well soon DIY card – Mary Poppins inspired 

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Get the look – Mary Poppins 

Today I want to share a 'Get the look' post with you. I haven't done one of these yet but I wanted to create one for ages. Of course I had to do one for Mary Poppins. The look I am recreating today is this one:  You can see the look at the start of… Continue reading Get the look – Mary Poppins 

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Cupcakes – Mary Poppins inspired  

Okay... let me explain. I know I am currently very very Mary Poppins obsessed but it really is not my fault! I just can't think of something else. So I just have to create all of these things and I think it is okay to be a little bit crazy. I saw so many Mary… Continue reading Cupcakes – Mary Poppins inspired  

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Roundabout #2 – Mary Poppins inspired 

I created a Mary Poppins inspired roundabout a few weeks ago and I love it so so much! It was so much fun to do, so I just had to do another one!  This time I used a little box. And I found this little flags, which are perfect for the roundabout. I used the same straws… Continue reading Roundabout #2 – Mary Poppins inspired