My first bullet journal – Part 3

I recently started my first bullet journal. I love creating these different pages and I noticed that I sleep so much better when I wrote in it before I go to bed. It’s such a calming and creative thing to do and I love sharing my new pages with you.

1. My bucket list

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Call me crazy cause I used silver and gold together

I finally started my own bucket list. I saw so many people doing these kind of lists and I get it now. It’s so much fun to think of the things you want to do in your life. I definitely want to go to New York one day! Bea, Ciarra, lunch date?

2. September memories

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September was a great month in my opinion. I had really much fun and so many good days. I saw this idea online and absolutely loved it. You basically draw everything you’ve been loving down on a page. I really want to do this for every month now because I think it’s a great thing to look back at.

3. Halloween to-do list

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Although nobody really celebrates Halloween in Germany I get really excited for it. I hate Horror movies and scary things like that, but I love the decorations, themed YouTube videos and all the baking goods.

4. Life-update

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When I was in school we had to write something for five minutes without thinking about what we write. We weren’t allowed to stop, we just had to write straight for this amount of time. I never was able to do it because all I was thinking was: I am tired, but I just started writing and couldn’t stop this time.

5. Hot chocolate

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Fall screams hot chocolate to me and I had to dedicate a page in my bullet journal to a hot chocolate. Taking this picture was so much fun and less messy than I was expecting it to be.

I hope you like my bullet pages. Let me know which one you like the best in the comments below.

Love, x



Glücksgeist – What does my name mean?

I am hitting milestone after milestone at the moment and because my name is quiet unusual, I thought it was about time to explain it. I talk about my name a little bit in my About me page, but today I am giving my name a post on it’s own.

Glücksgeist is a combination of two German words: Glück and Geist. Glück means Luck and Geist means Ghost.

I know what you are thinking, this still makes absolutely no sense and you are right.

A friend of mine and I used to play a game called ‘Mario Party 8’ on the Wii. We always played together as a team and she was the turtle ‘Yoshi’ and I always went for the ghost ‘Buhuu’. The computer gives you a team-name based on your characters and we got Glücksgeist. We loved this name so much and called each other like that as a nickname.

After a year of blogging I decided that Annii2015 really isn’t the name I was happy with. I know, so original choosing your nickname and the year you started your blog but finding a good blog-name is so hard. I couldn’t be more happier with my name and I absolutely love Glücksgeist.

To me Glücksgeist stands for obsessions. I get really obsessed with things and because my friend and I played this game for hours, days, weeks and months I think it’s faire to say that we were more than just obsessed.

Glücksgeist also is a kind of weird name and I am definitely not normal, at least I hope so. I hope Glücksgeist stands for happiness too because I love to laugh and really love being happy and love making other people happy.

And because Ghosts are transparent I really try to be that on my blog too. I know I don’t show my face and I don’t talk about personal things that much, but I am 100% me here. I don’t upload things I don’t like and I don’t try to be someone else.

I hope you liked this post. I really want to say thank you again for your amazing support. You all are truly the best ghosties ever. Can’t believe we are 800 here. 

Love, x



20 things I learned in 20 years 

First of all am I doing this wrong? Yes, I turned twenty today but does that mean I have to share 19 things because my 19th year is now over? Do you get what I mean? 😉
It’s my birthday so my rules and I want to share twenty things I learned in twenty years as well as things I learned about myself.


1. A friendship is a relationship between two people.
2. Family is everything.
3. Being able to say I’ll do that tomorrow’ is one of the most precious things in life.
4. Naps can fix a lot!
5. Dreams are amazing but so is life.


6. There’s nothing better than a nice sunny day.
7. I am so thankful for Music!
8. I am obsessed with obsessions.
9. I’ll party the best in my PJ’s watching YouTube.
10. Glitter makes everything so much better.

11. ASOS is the best and the most dangerous place.
12. I love spending time alone every now and then.
13. I hate being without my family.
14. Wild Child is the best movie ever!
15. You really know a song or movie is good if you can listen or watch it on repeat.
16. Being different is one of the coolest things.
17. The best food you can have for breakfast is cake.

18. I am the most productive when I wake up early.
19. Pasta is the best and easiest thing to make.
20. Blogging is a great hobby.

I am really 20!… That is crazy and I do feel a little bit old. I hope you enjoyed this post. I tried to keep it fun and deep 😉

I hope you all have an amazing day! Thanks for your support.

Love, x


Keep calm and colour cacti

Yes, still cactus-obsessed. As you know I am a huge ASOS-lover. They sell such amazing clothing pieces, but they also have the best present-section I’ve ever seen. I love to look through it and find some inspiration for upcoming birthdays. And I found something really good which I had to share with you.


These colour books became huge this year and to be honest I think they are amazing! They are so calming and just a great activity for Sundays or any day of the week. Of course I bough it because it’s cactus-themed, I mean could it be any better?


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Love my little cactus-selection


I was looking for a birthday present but I think it’s okay to treat yourself every now and then and I am so in love with cacti, I can’t give this away.

What do you think of adult-colour-in-books? Let me know in the comments below.

Love, x