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How to spice up your summer drinks

It's getting so hot where I live so I think we can say summer has officially arrived. There's nothing better in summer than a nice refreshing drink. But I always like to spice them up so that they look extra cute. Today I am sharing a simple but cute idea on how to spice up… Continue reading How to spice up your summer drinks

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My cactus obsession 🌵

If you read my May-favourites post you will know that I am so obsessed with an iced-lolly called 'Cactus'. Because of this I am creating a little cactus series. I hope you'll enjoy it and let me know in the comments how cactus obsessed you are. Today I want to share my favourite cactus prints with… Continue reading My cactus obsession 🌵

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DIY – Backblech

I love adding german words to my posts. Some of you are from Germany so you get it right away but to all the other amazing people who read this, it's always a little surprise what my post is about. Today I want to share one of the best DIY's I did so far. I… Continue reading DIY – Backblech

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My Scrapbook – 2017

I have so many Polaroid pictures! Since I got my camera from my mum for my 18th birthday I am so so obsessed with it. I love taking pictures because firstly they look so cool and secondly are always so unique. Also the whole process of waiting until your picture shows is so amazing. But… Continue reading My Scrapbook – 2017