How to spice up your summer drinks – Part 2

This is blog post number 300!!!

There’s nothing better than a nice refreshing drink in summer. But what’s even better is when the drink also looks good. I love to spice up my drinks and turn them into something cute. I already uploaded a decoration idea on my blog.

How to spice up your summer drinks

Today I am sharing a very handy decoration trick with you. This one doesn’t just look cute but also protects your drink.

The only thing you need for this is a straw and a muffin case. You take your straw and poke it through your muffin case. Then you add your straw to your drink and no fly will find the way into your drink.

I think this looks so cute and comes in very handy when many people are around because they can write their names on to the cases.

What do you think of this decoration idea?

Let me know in the comments.

Have a lovely day!

Love, x


Birthday presents – DIY

It was my friend’s 20th birthday on Monday. We know us since school so for quiet a long time. She invinted me to her party and surprisingly I actually went to the party and stayed for 4 hours! I was quiet impressed with myself because I don’t really like parties, but this year there were only a few people and they seemed nice so it was good.

Of course I wanted to give her an amazing present. I love these glasses which include different dry ingredients. You add eggs or water and it turns into a dough for cookies, bred or literally anything.

My friend loves food, I mean who doesn’t and we’ve actually baked and cooked together before which was so much fun!

My friend’s birthday

So this present is perfect for her:


I also found this cute jar and filled it with tons of Smarties. I think this looks just so cute and who doesn’t love Smarties?!

I’ve also baked her a cake last year so I really wanted to bake her a cake again. I think it’s such a cute gift to give something baked. I went for a chocolate cake (recipe from ‘Love, Tanya – Sunday cake). I baked this cake for my mum this year too (left side) and now for my friend (right side). I love to play with different decorations and spice up the cakes.

This cake tastes so good and I could so eat this right now! I also love the chocolate letters. You can write ‘Happy Birthday’ like I did or something else.

All in all I had a nice evening and it was so nice to see my friend again after months. She liked the presents and the cake which made me happy.

I hope you enjoyed this post.

Love, x


My favourite summer drink – chocolate milkshake

June 21, 2017

Today is officially the start of summer and it is so hot where I live. I am currently writing this post in front of a fan, so I don’t get too mad because of this weather. I love sunny weather so much, but hot sunny weather is a bit much for me. Because of this heat I thought it was about time to share my favourite summer drink with you. I love drinking this in summer because it’s so tasty and so refreshing. But, this really isn’t the most healthy drink so don’t drink too many of these 😉

Chocolate milkshake

You will need:

  • Chocolate ice cream
  • Milk (you can also use almond milk)

This is probably the most easy thing I shared on my blog. You basically take a few scoops of ice cream, add a bit of milk and blend it together in your mixer. Add as much milk as you want. The more milk you add the more liquid it gets. And finished is your tasty drink:


How cute is the little heart straw? My mum got me these from Italy. I love them so much and using them always feels so special.

Of course you can make this drink with different ice cream flavours and create strawberry, or vanilla smoothies. Personally I am just a massive chocolate lover so I had to share this with you.

Let me know your favourite summer drink and your favourite smoothie in the comments.

I hope you have amazing weather too.

Love, x



How to spice up your summer drinks

It’s getting so hot where I live so I think we can say summer has officially arrived. There’s nothing better in summer than a nice refreshing drink. But I always like to spice them up so that they look extra cute.

Today I am sharing a simple but cute idea on how to spice up your summer drink.

Unicorn straws

If you follow my blog for a bit you will know that I am unicorn obsessed! I love them so much and everything unicorn-themed looks so much cuter and better. So of course we have to add some unicorn-magic to our drinks.

For this you will need some straws of your choice and a unicorn-head-picture. I found mine on Pinterest.


First of all you have to cut out the little unicorns.

After that you just glue them onto your straws and finished is your magical-unicorn-straw.

I think they are so cute and spice up every drink, am I right?

Let me know what you think of them in the comments. Can we please have all a big summer party together?

Love, x