Birthday presents – DIY

It was my friend’s 20th birthday on Monday. We know us since school so for quiet a long time. She invinted me to her party and surprisingly I actually went to the party and stayed for 4 hours! I was quiet impressed with myself because I don’t really like parties, but this year there were only a few people and they seemed nice so it was good.

Of course I wanted to give her an amazing present. I love these glasses which include different dry ingredients. You add eggs or water and it turns into a dough for cookies, bred or literally anything.

My friend loves food, I mean who doesn’t and we’ve actually baked and cooked together before which was so much fun!

My friend’s birthday

So this present is perfect for her:


I also found this cute jar and filled it with tons of Smarties. I think this looks just so cute and who doesn’t love Smarties?!

I’ve also baked her a cake last year so I really wanted to bake her a cake again. I think it’s such a cute gift to give something baked. I went for a chocolate cake (recipe from ‘Love, Tanya – Sunday cake). I baked this cake for my mum this year too (left side) and now for my friend (right side). I love to play with different decorations and spice up the cakes.

This cake tastes so good and I could so eat this right now! I also love the chocolate letters. You can write ‘Happy Birthday’ like I did or something else.

All in all I had a nice evening and it was so nice to see my friend again after months. She liked the presents and the cake which made me happy.

I hope you enjoyed this post.

Love, x


Happy Birthday Maximilian

Today is my brother’s 22 birthday!! First of all Happy birthday to the most amazing brother. I am so happy to have you in my life!

Of course I wanted to give him the most amazing present, as always, although presents aren’t the most important things in life. I am ASOS- addicted as most of you know, so I was looking for a good present on ASOS. I love that they have the gift section with tons of cool stuff.

My brother really is into decorating his room with lights lately, so I thought this present is just perfect for him. You can change and write whatever you want. I thought it would be quiet cool if he could spell his nickname Max, or Maxi.  I think this adds something so nice to his room and he can always change the shape of it, so it will never get boring.

I also got him such a funny card!!


Of course he isn’t a moron, not always ;).

My dad is also baking him a birthday cake as always so I think he’s going to have a good day.

I really enjoy buying present and I am really pleased with his presents. Shopping for men is so so hard. Don’t you agree?

Let me know what your go-to presents for men are in the comments. Hope you enjoyed this post.

Love, x




Happy Birthday Mama 🦋

Today is my mum’s birthday! I am so so lucky and have the best mum in the entire world! I love her so so much!!!

Of course she deserves to have the best day ever! With a few presents, an amazing cake and tons of hugs. 

Well…. I ordered the presents, for me quiet late, a week before her birthday on ASOS. Normally my order arrives 2 to 3 days after I ordered them, but there was a fire at the warehouse in Berlin…. 

Luckily nobody got hurt, that’s the most important thing. But because of that fire the shipping process was delayed and the presents didn’t arrive in time… 

I was quiet sad and disappointed about that. My mum already told me that it doesn’t matter, but I wanted to give her her presents on her birthday, but well.

So the presents hopefully arrive on Monday, just a day late.

For cake I wanted to create the most amazing cake for my mum.

Whilst baking I thought that cake is turning out so horrible. I am currently in a ‘I-can’t-bake’ phase, well at least my head thinks so. For that I think it turned out so good! I am really happy with it, I just hope it tastes good. But I know my mum is going to be so happy because she knows how much effort I put into it and that’s all that matters.

And there are still the hugs she gets from me. I think they are going to be good and not delayed ;).

I used the Sunday cake recipe from Love, Tanya.

For decoration I bought these cute pink, still so pink-obsessed, sprinkles and these pastel butterflies.

Let me know what you think of it in the comments! 

Have a wonderful day, xx

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Happy Birthday Papa

April the 3rd

Today is my dad’s birthday!!! So first of all Happy Birthday Papa (=German for dad). I love my dad so so much!!! 

But you know how hard it is to shop for men. It can be quiet hard to find a good birthday present and I am not talking about a super expensive one just a nice little present. 

I wanted to give him this book for Christmas but it was sold out. After Christmas I found it again on ASOS and just had to get it for him. My dad wants to rebuild the living room and a few other rooms in the future so I thought this is the perfect present. My dad is really manual and technical so I can’t wait for him to try a few things from this book.

And I do love this book too, you know how DIY obsessed I am.

I love to bake and I think to receive a hand made cake on your birthday is a really nice thing and it shows how much the person who made the cake cares about you because it takes a long time to bake. So of course I had to bake a cake (that rhymed) for my dad.

If you read my last blog posts you know that my amazing mum bought me the nerdynummies cookbook. Of course I had to bake something from it for my dad’s birthday and I chose the Wi-Fi cake. 

Especially my brother cares a lot about good internet and my dad always tries to give us the best and he is a programmer.

That’s why I chose the Wi-Fi cake. There couldn’t be a better one for him.

Soo…. my day wasn’t the best and my cake didn’t turn out the best….. I normally wouldn’t have shown you this but here it is:

I also added a candle on top.

If you cut out a slice of cake, it (should) looks like the Wi-Fi symbol.

You can see it am I right? 😉

My dad really liked my and my siblings presents and although the cake doesn’t look the best it tastes really good. 

In the evening we went out for dinner to an Italian restaurant. 

I think my dad had a nice day and that’s what counts, he was so happy when he came home and saw the cake and everything. I love my dad. ❤