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My favourite face masks – Garnier

You know me and my obsession for face masks. There isn't a day without one and because I use them so often I also try a lot of different masks. I discovered a new brand and new masks I am absolutely obsessed with! So I really wanted to share them with you. Let's start with the… Continue reading My favourite face masks – Garnier

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My favourite red lipsticks

Finding a good red lipstick is quiet hard in my opinion. As I got older I discovered my love for lipsticks and a classic good red is just the best thing to wear. The first red lipstick I bought was this one:   Now looking at this I feel like this isn't a real red one. I… Continue reading My favourite red lipsticks

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The most refreshing face mask 

Yes! I have another fruit obsession: WATERMELON. I love eating watermelon! It's probably the most tasty and refreshing fruit ever. So when I went to my local DM (like Superdrug) and saw a watermelon-face-mask, I just had to buy and try it and I love it. As I said, I love that watermelon is such… Continue reading The most refreshing face mask 

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Pink obsessed since 1997

You know me and my obsessions. I am cactus-obsessed, copper-obsessed and pink-obsessed. But if you think this started this year or maybe a year ago you are wrong. I can celebrate nearly 20 years of my pink-obsession because it started when I was a little child. Don't believe me? Well I am going to prove… Continue reading Pink obsessed since 1997