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Geschenke für Mama

Finally the presents for my mum arrived. I was so happy that I can give them to her now and I am so excited to see what she thinks about them. Check out the story why it took so long to get these presents here. First of all as a little something to put on top… Continue reading Geschenke für Mama

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Happy Birthday Papa

April the 3rd Today is my dad's birthday!!! So first of all Happy Birthday Papa (=German for dad). I love my dad so so much!!!  But you know how hard it is to shop for men. It can be quiet hard to find a good birthday present and I am not talking about a super… Continue reading Happy Birthday Papa

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Beauty and the beast review (SPOILERS)

Before I start rambling about the movie please only read that if you watched the movie already. I really don't want to destroy your cinema experience, xx.  Where should I start! First of all I absolutely loved the movie!!! I laughed so much and I cried a few times! As you know I was so… Continue reading Beauty and the beast review (SPOILERS)

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Tassilo – DIY 

Today I show you how to turn a simple mug into 'Tassilo'. I just found out that 'Tassilo' is named 'Chip' in the english version of beauty and the beast. That's so cool!  But now let's start with the DIY. For this DIY I used gold window paint and a black marker.  For a final… Continue reading Tassilo – DIY