Backstage tour – Tanz der Vampire 

June 17, 2017

Today I went to the backstage tour of my favourite musical. Two days ago I did the exact same thing with my amazing mum and amazing sister and I was a little bit disappointed.

If you read my Mary Poppins backstage tour review you will know that this made my day, week, month. It’s one of my favourite days from this year because I was so happy and excited and had such an amazing day.

I always make an effort and dress nicely so on Thursday I wore my new favourite dress and my mum made my hair for me.


I wore a pink lipstick and loved my look.

On Saturday I went for a more casual look and wore some black trousers and a dark red shirt with hearts on it and a purple-red lipstick.

Of course it was incredible being there with my mum and sister but the magic was missing. The guy who did the tour was really nice and charming but super nervous and had some cards where he read the facts from. Not all the time but quiet often. The guy who joined him, so that nobody goes missing in this big house, was super unchilled and stressed the whole time when we took a second longer to look at something.

But today I’ve went for the second time. Why? Because I met a girl on the internet and we planned to do this together. I was really nervous because I’ve never met her and I am probably not meeting her again any time soon.

We were a massive group so they had to split it into two smaller groups like they did on Thursday too. I said we’re taking the second group because I was hoping that my favourite guide was there but she sadly wasn’t, that was really disappointing on Thursday too.

After a few minutes the woman opened the door and welcomed us to the backstage tour. She seemed nice so I was excited for the tour. We were a really big group but it worked so good and everbody was listening. We placed our bags in a little corner so we don’t have to carry them around for an hour and then she started with a little resume of the show for those who didn’t see the show before. She starts telling a little bit of the story and a woman next to me goes: ‘Oh, I think we are wrong here’. I was like what? Then she said to her daughter: ‘Get your grandma we are wrong here’. By that time the guide saw that something wasn’t right and asked what’s wrong. And the woman said: ‘ we thought this was the backstage tour for Mary Poppins…… ‘. What?! First of all look at that picture:

You get a key chain with a sign that says TANZ DER VAMPIRE. They woman tells that she’s going to protect us so no vampires bite us and they still don’t get it? This was so hilarious! The whole group including the guide laughed so much and on the whole way we took to get behind the stage everybody kept laughing and I said: ‘ wait I thought this was about a Nanny? Didn’t know she gets bitten’. So the tour started so good and we had a great vibe because everybody couldn’t believe that this happened and we couldn’t stop laughing.

This time we took the right way to the stage. On Thursday we took the left way so it was really nice to get a different view of everything. We saw the bathtub and she explained that they are using real foam. We saw the doll of the professor and she explained a few things about that. And then we went to the blackbox where the actors get dressed and change their costumes during the show. On Thursday I saw the blackbox of the women and today I saw the blackbox of the men so this was really cool and exciting. I saw where Max and Gonzalo have their costumes. This was so cool for me! She said that there are about 120 changes during the show and that every actor has about 13 changes. For some of them they have a few minutes and for some of them only seconds. So she showed us where they get changed when they literally have only 15 seconds. Then it was time to go on to the stage.

Last time the curtain was down so you couldn’t see where the people are sitting later and this time it was down too which is a bit sad but today the gallery was down which was so cool to see. She explained that they need ladders so the audience can see them. She also explained how they get into the graves and that they find them because of different coloured lights and that they croll underneath the graves to get into them.

We saw the house and the tiny beds which is really cool to see and so crazy. The beds are so little but when you see them later in the show you think that they are huge.

Then it was time for some sport as our guide said. She wanted to climb to the 4th floor but we made a little stop on the third and she showed us the costumes and we were allowed to touch them because they don’t use them anymore. I love stuff like that and it’s always so fun to see and touch them.

Then we climbed a floor ahead and she explained things about the hair and make up. She showed us how the blood thing works. They have little packages with blood in it. Before they bite someone they put them into their mouths and then spit it onto the neck. They also spit the little plastic thing that’s left on to the stage. I’ve never witnessed that to be honest. Of course it’s really interesting to hear what the blood tastes like and she said it tastes a little bit of strawberry. She gave a little container around with the blood inside and yes…. one girl really tried it and said it tastes of strawberry. But that container is lying around their for ages so I really didn’t want to try that… it looked really sticky.

Then we saw a few pictures of the count and professor and how they get paint on their faces. Then she told us a few things about the history of the play and then we climbed down and went into the theatre.

She said a few facts about the theatre and how many people work for one and during the show. We saw the technic group checking and cleaning everything which is my favourite thing about that tour. They checked if the grave-wall is working so we saw that going up and down. We saw the paths where the professor and Alfred walk on. I really didn’t want to leave.

Because we were such a big group the tour was a bit longer than an hour which I think is amazing. I liked the tour better this time because the group was much funnier and much more interested and excited. The guide was confident and because she didn’t have to read from cards she was able to give us a lot more information and she was really funny too. I said to her at the end that she did a great job and she was really happy about that.

After that we went to the stage door where the actors go in and out and we saw a few but just talked to two for a second, well I didn’t say much. I planned to go back later and wait until they come out after their last show but I wasn’t feeling it.

I had a nice morning during the show and I really wanted to write this to keep both of these days as memories.

I really wished my mum and sister where there today because I think they would have enjoyed the tour so much more.

Let me know in the comments if you read the whole thing and if you made an internet friend before.

Love, x





A day in my life – my happy place

June 12, 2017

I loved reading Elena‘s post about her happy place back in April. So today I thought I could share one of my happy places with you.

I’ve visited my Oma last weekend. I haven’t seen her for two years which is kind of crazy. We had such nice weather when we were there, so I asked my dad if we could go to the castle and go for a little walk. After we visited my Opa (he sadly passed away) we went to the castle and it looked so gorgeous in the sun!

My sister and I, of course, had to do a little photo shoot and we took some nice pictures. I love days like this. I also loved my outfit so much! I get quiet insecure with wearing shorts. My legs are so pale and I just don’t like it that much. But on that day I was just feeling good.

We spent so much time in the park near the castle when we were younger and now going back is just amazing. I can’t really remember or trips there when I was little so it’s nice to catch up with this amazing place.

I hope you had an amazing weekend. It’s so important to appreciate the little things in life, like a simple walk with your family.

Love you, x





May favourites 

I can’t believe how fast this month went by! I know, everybody keeps saying that, but it’s so true! Because of that I thought I could share my May-favourites with you. I haven’t done one of these in literally ages! I am so excited to tell you what I’ve been loving this past month. Be sure to let me know your favourites in the comments.

Let’s start with:


I really got back into face masks this last month. As some of you might know I am face-mask-crazy. I finally tried the charcoal-peel-off mask and I am loving it. Personally I think it’s not that painful but for a better review check out my post here.



If you’re following Zoella, aka Zoe Sugg on social media you might read that Zoella Beauty is now available in Germany. I love Zoe’s products so much and I finally got my hands back on this particular favourite: The body scrub. I love using scrubs because my skin is so dry and this one feels so soft but does it’s job.

Another favourite of mine last month was this copper-lipstick. I am so copper obsessed, check out my special copper post here.

It’s so beautiful and I just want to wear it every single day.



I am also so obsessed with the colour pink and this month I finally got my hands around a pink-piece. This amazing shirt:


I also got back into stripes and bought myself this amazing shirt:




Although not everything I baked in May turned out that good, I still had so much fun spending my time in the kitchen. My favourite cake I’ve created this month was my mum’s birthday cake and the cookies I baked for Mother’s Day. You can check out the recipe and more pics here.



one of my biggest favourite this month was:


This takes me back to my childhood. I was so so obsessed with them and I am not too sure if it was a good decision to start eating them again. I love everything about this Iced-lolly. Especially  the green and red part used to be my favourites.


So obsessed with this picture!!!

I better don’t tell you how many of these I ate this month…. and I am for sure not stop eating them :D. They are just too delicious.

What’s your favourite iced-lolly? Let me know in the comments.

I’ve also been obsessed with watching the Harry Potter Pc games. As a child my whole family would sit around on the weekends and play year 1 and 2 together. I remember these times so good and they were one of my favs. I wanted to have the pc games back for so so bad but I found an amazing alternative. A guy played the first 3 years and uploaded them to YouTube. This brings back so many memories and yes, I watched 9 hours of someone playing my favourite pc games :D. If you miss these games too I highly recommend checking out his channel here.

Another favourite of mine this month was the musical ‘Tanz der Vampire’. I saw it for the third time and had such an eventful and amazing evening. Be sure to check all my Tanz der Vampire themed post out here.


Of course I’ve been listenting to the soundtrack of the musical Tanz der Vampire non-stop. There are so many amazing songs and I just want to see the musical again for so bad.

But I’ve also been loving the song ‘When did your heart go missing’ by Rooney. Such a cheerful song, love it!

And that’s it! Please let me you know what you’ve been loving this past month in the comments.

Love, x


Tanz der Vampire 

I saw my favourite musical called ‘Tanz der Vampire’ two days ago and I had such a good time.

The musical is about a love between a guy (Alfred) and a village girl (Sarah). But the Count von Krolock (vampire) is also in love with Sarah and attracts her to come to his castle for a dance and because he wants to bite her. Alfred wants to save Sarah.

First of all we started the day with this amazing breakfast! My mum had the day off so we could sleep in and chill and eat breakfast together.

We also had our first strawberries for this year!! German ones, they tasted so delicious!

We ate breakfast and then I chilled for a bit. We had to leave at 16.30 o’clock and an hour before we had to leave my mum and I started to get ready and then a little accident happened.

I started bleeding out of my nose. I don’t really experience that a lot and this time it was really worst. This is a bit tmi but it was so worst that my hand was red after seconds and the floor too…. 

First I was like ‘okay it’s going to stop in a minute everything is fine’. My mum got a chair so I could sit down and talked to me. She can’t see blood, I can’t see blood but I felt okay. After a few minutes I sat down on the couch with my mum, but it didn’t stop. After more minutes I started to panic and cried because I looked at the clock it was 15.50 o’clock and we had to leave soon. At one point we thought we can’t make it… and crying whilst bleeding out of your nose isn’t ideally… 

Thankfully after half an hour it stopped, it wasn’t bleeding like crazy the whole time but the first 10 minutes which was just so scary.

We got dressed and tried to do my hair. It didn’t turn out that good but I was just happy to go. I walked a bit shaky to the car but I was just so happy it stopped but at the same time scared it would start again. 

We drove to my sister and then to the musical. After a few minutes in the car I asked my sister if she had her ticket and she went ‘shit! I knew I forgot something’. First we thought she was jocking but no… She forgot her ticket, so we had to turn around and get it. We thought we barely could make it on time but luckily traffic was good and we had 15 minutes left when we arrived.

You can order a table for the break with drinks and food. We always do that but because we were so late we thought we won’t get one. Luckily there was some room left on one of the tables and we sat next to a woman which was absolutely fine.

Then we got into the theatre. You aren’t allowed to take pictures inside but a friend of my mum went to the same musical a few weeks ago and took a sneaky picture.

How cool does this look? You immediately get such a different vibe when you enter.

My mum got us tickets for the first row seat 1, 1 and 2. We had the best seats ever and this was just the best Christmas present! Thanks mum! ❤

I saw the musical for the third time, my mum for the 5th, I think and my sister for the first. Then it started, I was still a bit shaky, by far too much stress for me and I had an emergency tissue just in case. But everything was fine and after 1 second I entered a completely different world! 

The opening is so amazing. The music gives you chilles and it’s just one of my favourite moments.

We had such such luck with the cast. Everybody was amazing and we had every single favourite we could ask for.

Then the Count von Krolock who was played by Jan Amman came on stage and wow. He is the most amazing Count Krolock ever. He is just the best and he is so tall!! I wanted to see him for so bad and I was so happy that he played that night. His voice, his acting, everything was just so incredible.

Most of my favourite scenes are in the second part so after we had a few snacks and a drink and a little talk with the conductor, who was so nice and a lovely old guy next to us who is friends with the dad of the guy who plays Alfred. We immediately said ‘oh so you can get us some autographs’ but he just laughed and said that Gonzalo doesn’t even have time for a quick talk with them because he is so busy ;). But he was so nice and chatty and told us some nice stuff about Alfred.

There are so many good scenes in this musical. I love the song ‘Carpe noctem’ and the performance to that song. I love when all the vampires dance together on the graves and when Sarah and the Count von Krolock dance together. Alfred and the professor dance in this scene too and it’s so hilarious to watch them dance because they don’t know the steps to the vampire dance. And every scene with ‘Herbert‘ the gay son of the Count von Krolock  is just so hilarious and amazing. 

Also what’s just the best thing in sitting in the first row is that the actors look down to you. Jan looked me in the eyes and also to my mum and sister. So many vampires looked down to us and you feel just so amazing and special. And Jan looks just so incredible and so did Herbert and Alfred.

Jan/ count Krolock:

I do own the rights to this image

Gonzalo/ Alfred: 

I do not own the rights to this image

Max/ Herbert:

I do not own the rights to this image

And because we’ve been to the musical before and to the backstage tour we knew a few little things. We knew when they put their teeth in, where they hide and stuff like that which is just so cool to know and then to see.

I had such an amazing evening although the day was so eventful. Thanks again to my amaizng mum for giving me the opportunity to see my favourite musical for the third time. I love you so much ❤. 

And my sister who saw it for the first time had such an amazing time too and is obsessed with the musical which makes me so so happy!!! 

It was such an eventful day and I’m never going to forget that evening. It really is my favourite musical.

I wanted to include my outfit and make up but I am uploading a second post for this because this is quiet a long post already.

Let me know if you have been to a musical before. 

Love you guys, x

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