That moment when you realise that you deleted nearly all of your blog pictures….

I thought I became better at blogging… turns out I don’t. I deleted nearly all of my pictures on wordpress (on accident). I am currently trying to re-upload some of them, but yeah.. how amazing am I? 

I am actually quiet upset but I just can’t stop laughing about myself…. this is for sure not going to happen again!

So stupid… 😀

Tell me something nice to cheer me up, or just laugh with me.

Love you guys, x


36 thoughts on “That moment when you realise that you deleted nearly all of your blog pictures….

  1. We all make mistakes, and maybe if you don’t get some of your media back, that’s okay! The pictures are still there, all you have to do is just scroll down to find the post, save the image in the post and bam, you got your media back! Sometimes that happens to me, but hey, we all make mistakes right?

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  2. Girl, I’VE DONE THAT! A dew months ago I thought “my pictures folder is so full, let me delete some”. Nope, if they’re not there, they’re not on your posts.

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  3. Oh Sweetie I feel your pain! A couple years ago I tried to merge two iPhoto Libraries and ended up deleting both of them (there was nothing they could do to get them back!) and then literally three months later my computer crashed and I lost all of my pics again! I have since learned my lesson of backing them up and backing them up again!
    Huge hugs it happens to the best of us! ❤

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      • Anytime sweets! That is good! I totally understand that!
        It was. I was in a permanent state of panic! Lol, but it did make me an Apple customer for life, they spent hours trying to fix and get them back. ❤

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  4. PaperPuff says:

    We all do it. I have deleted comments from followers, somehow made a kind of duplicate post, lost scheduled posts….and so much more! Hope you recover everything you need!

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