Tanz der Vampire 

I saw my favourite musical called ‘Tanz der Vampire’ two days ago and I had such a good time.

The musical is about a love between a guy (Alfred) and a village girl (Sarah). But the Count von Krolock (vampire) is also in love with Sarah and attracts her to come to his castle for a dance and because he wants to bite her. Alfred wants to save Sarah.

First of all we started the day with this amazing breakfast! My mum had the day off so we could sleep in and chill and eat breakfast together.

We also had our first strawberries for this year!! German ones, they tasted so delicious!

We ate breakfast and then I chilled for a bit. We had to leave at 16.30 o’clock and an hour before we had to leave my mum and I started to get ready and then a little accident happened.

I started bleeding out of my nose. I don’t really experience that a lot and this time it was really worst. This is a bit tmi but it was so worst that my hand was red after seconds and the floor too…. 

First I was like ‘okay it’s going to stop in a minute everything is fine’. My mum got a chair so I could sit down and talked to me. She can’t see blood, I can’t see blood but I felt okay. After a few minutes I sat down on the couch with my mum, but it didn’t stop. After more minutes I started to panic and cried because I looked at the clock it was 15.50 o’clock and we had to leave soon. At one point we thought we can’t make it… and crying whilst bleeding out of your nose isn’t ideally… 

Thankfully after half an hour it stopped, it wasn’t bleeding like crazy the whole time but the first 10 minutes which was just so scary.

We got dressed and tried to do my hair. It didn’t turn out that good but I was just happy to go. I walked a bit shaky to the car but I was just so happy it stopped but at the same time scared it would start again. 

We drove to my sister and then to the musical. After a few minutes in the car I asked my sister if she had her ticket and she went ‘shit! I knew I forgot something’. First we thought she was jocking but no… She forgot her ticket, so we had to turn around and get it. We thought we barely could make it on time but luckily traffic was good and we had 15 minutes left when we arrived.

You can order a table for the break with drinks and food. We always do that but because we were so late we thought we won’t get one. Luckily there was some room left on one of the tables and we sat next to a woman which was absolutely fine.

Then we got into the theatre. You aren’t allowed to take pictures inside but a friend of my mum went to the same musical a few weeks ago and took a sneaky picture.

How cool does this look? You immediately get such a different vibe when you enter.

My mum got us tickets for the first row seat 1, 1 and 2. We had the best seats ever and this was just the best Christmas present! Thanks mum! ❤

I saw the musical for the third time, my mum for the 5th, I think and my sister for the first. Then it started, I was still a bit shaky, by far too much stress for me and I had an emergency tissue just in case. But everything was fine and after 1 second I entered a completely different world! 

The opening is so amazing. The music gives you chilles and it’s just one of my favourite moments.

We had such such luck with the cast. Everybody was amazing and we had every single favourite we could ask for.

Then the Count von Krolock who was played by Jan Amman came on stage and wow. He is the most amazing Count Krolock ever. He is just the best and he is so tall!! I wanted to see him for so bad and I was so happy that he played that night. His voice, his acting, everything was just so incredible.

Most of my favourite scenes are in the second part so after we had a few snacks and a drink and a little talk with the conductor, who was so nice and a lovely old guy next to us who is friends with the dad of the guy who plays Alfred. We immediately said ‘oh so you can get us some autographs’ but he just laughed and said that Gonzalo doesn’t even have time for a quick talk with them because he is so busy ;). But he was so nice and chatty and told us some nice stuff about Alfred.

There are so many good scenes in this musical. I love the song ‘Carpe noctem’ and the performance to that song. I love when all the vampires dance together on the graves and when Sarah and the Count von Krolock dance together. Alfred and the professor dance in this scene too and it’s so hilarious to watch them dance because they don’t know the steps to the vampire dance. And every scene with ‘Herbert‘ the gay son of the Count von Krolock  is just so hilarious and amazing. 

Also what’s just the best thing in sitting in the first row is that the actors look down to you. Jan looked me in the eyes and also to my mum and sister. So many vampires looked down to us and you feel just so amazing and special. And Jan looks just so incredible and so did Herbert and Alfred.

Jan/ count Krolock:

I do own the rights to this image

Gonzalo/ Alfred: 

I do not own the rights to this image

Max/ Herbert:

I do not own the rights to this image

And because we’ve been to the musical before and to the backstage tour we knew a few little things. We knew when they put their teeth in, where they hide and stuff like that which is just so cool to know and then to see.

I had such an amazing evening although the day was so eventful. Thanks again to my amaizng mum for giving me the opportunity to see my favourite musical for the third time. I love you so much ❤. 

And my sister who saw it for the first time had such an amazing time too and is obsessed with the musical which makes me so so happy!!! 

It was such an eventful day and I’m never going to forget that evening. It really is my favourite musical.

I wanted to include my outfit and make up but I am uploading a second post for this because this is quiet a long post already.

Let me know if you have been to a musical before. 

Love you guys, x

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23 thoughts on “Tanz der Vampire 

  1. I am so sorry to hear your nose was bleeding, that’s a horrible start to a fun experience. It sounds like it was so much fun otherwise! I’ve never heard of this musical but it looks awesome!

    Liked by 1 person

    • The strawberries were amazing!!
      Some scenes are on YouTube, I think so, but there’s also a movie of it. But I’ve never watched the movie before so I can’t tell how good it is. Just type tanz der Vampire into YouTube and something shoukd show up 😉 let me know what you think of it

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I have no idea about this musical, but it sounds really cool! Seeing them live is always such an amazing experience 😀
    That sucks about the nosebleeds, I use to get them quite often but not for the last couple of years. It happened once in uni, I just ran out of the lecture hall cause I didn’t have tissues. Good times. It happens on and off for no reason really, but mostly in summer, when my nose feels dry and it’s really hot. That can set it off sometimes. Hopefully it doesn’t happen again for you any time soon.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sounds like you really enjoyed yourself at the musical, that’s good!

    Btw, I tagged you for the Blue Sky tag, so if you’re interested in doing it you can check it out on my blog.😊

    Liked by 1 person

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