What to wear in spring 🌹

It’s finally getting sunnier! I love spring so much. You feel so much fresher after all these months of darkness. Don’t get me wrong. I do love winter, but after Christmas I really get bored of it because you don’t have something to look forward to. Of course my everyday clothes changed immediately when the sun came out so today I share a few of my favorite items I love to wear in spring.
First of all this amazing jacket I got from my mum! I am so obsessed with it. I love a good leader jacket, but it can be a bit chilly wearing just a thin jacket. That’s why I love this one. This one has a layer of faux fur and keeps you so so warm.

I am also so happy to wear my denim jackets again. I love a good denim jacket! I mean who doesn’t?! They spice up every simple outfit and are just so nice to wear. 

New look (bought it last year)

Now to shoes! I haven’t wore these shoes yet but I am so excited to do that. 

They literally scream spring! 

Also it is not spring until you can wear your converse!

I love my little sister (red chucks)

I also have a cute little shirt who screams spring!


I am so excited to wear it outside! I bought it in Hamburg . The shop is a German one but they have so so lovely stuff! Literally one of the best clothing lines I have ever discovered. So next time you visit Germany check it out! 

I also love love love my stripey shirts! 


I also have this cute top with hundreds of ladybirds.


Because it is slightly getting warmer you can finally wear your ripped jeans again. 

New look


I hope you liked my little spring outfit haul. Let me know what you think of it in the comments!


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