It’s spring! 

It’s March! It’s so crazy how we already passed two months of the year. But I am also so excited for spring. More sun!

I went to ikea a couple of days ago and we bought some water plants. What better way to celebrate the start of a more sunny month by buying some new plants. We also bought this glass thing and some stones.

First of all we put the stones into the vase.

We bought these two water plants.

This one is called ‘Tarzan’

This one is called ‘Mary Elisabeth Poppins’

Can you guess which one I named? 

Then we put the two plants into the vase.

Now we added the water from the plant pots and then some more water.

It looks so so beautiful and is just so cool! I want to have one vase like this in my room. What better way to welcome spring!


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