Cupcakes – Mary Poppins inspired  

Okay… let me explain. I know I am currently very very Mary Poppins obsessed but it really is not my fault! I just can’t think of something else. So I just have to create all of these things and I think it is okay to be a little bit crazy.

I saw so many Mary Poppins inspired Cupcakes on pinterest so I just had to create my own ones. If you are looking for the recipe for these check it out here

First of all I found these cute little signs. I got them ages ago as a birthday present.

Especially one of them stuck out to me. Can you guess which one? ‘A spoonful of sugar’? 

This is probably the easiest decoration because you just have to stick it in your muffin. But it looks so so cute.

If you are following my blog you probably saw my DIY – roundabout blog post. Well, I just had to create a cupcake like this.

I just love them so much! 

The last decoration needs a few more minutes for preparation, but it is worth it.

First of all you have to cut out little kite shapes.

Then you need to glue a little stick and a string on to the backside of them. 

I went for three little kites on a stick. 

They look so so cute! I really want to throw a Mary Poppins inspired party now… anyone would like to come? 

Let me know which is your favorite one in the comments. I hope you have an amazing sweet day! 


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