One wish in Manhattan -February #bookclub review (big spoilers)

This month’s book was ‘One wish in Manhattan’ by Mandy Baggot. 

I picked the book by the cover which I normally don’t do, but the cover is so beautiful! The book just had to be good.

The book is written in two perspectives. One perspective treats a mother and her daughter. The mother is really unhappy with her life and at the beginning she quits one of her jobs. 

The book plays around Christmas time and the two fly to New York to visit her brother and to flee from their life. But after a couple of pages you realize that this isn’t the only reason why the mother called ‘Hayley’ wants to go to New York back again. 10 years ago she had a one night stand with an artist and she became pregnant with her daughter ‘Angel’. Her daughter never asked to meet her dad but every night when her mother gives her a good night kiss and leaves her room, she talks to Santa and God and asks for her dad. 

The other perspective treats a rich businessman who lost his brother and his dad. His dad and brother had a genetic defect and because of that they both died. The businessman called ‘Oliver’ thinks that he has the same genetic defect and only has a couple of years left. Because of that he sleeps with a different woman every night to get distracted from his lonely and fearful life. His mother is unbelievable sad about that and wishes that the good relationship with him comes back again.

Although these two people are so different they meet after a few chapters. Hayley’s  brother works for Oliver and they both fall in love with each other. Oliver never was interested in the lifes of his employees but ‘Hayley’ changes his perspective view on his and other life(s) and how he treats others. He improves so so much and becomes a really nice man. 

Oliver also helps Hayley finding her one night stand from ten years ago. ‘Michel’ loves his daughter so much and they all become a really happy family. 

Oliver’s mum also gives Hayley an opportunity for a new job and she does her job so good that she can realize her dream job. Hayley also improves her bad relationship with her mother. And at the end Oliver takes a test at the hospital and the result is that he is completely fine.

The story is so cute and sweet and the book is so lovely and easy to read. It gives you an amazing christmassy feeling. I can highly recommend it.


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