The Mary Poppins tag 

I love Mary Poppins! I think she represents so many good qualities, so I wanted to create the ‘Mary Poppins’ tag. 

Rules of the award: 

  • Put the logo on your blog (Yes, the unicorn picture ;))
  • Write a post to share that you’re nominated 
  • List the rules 
  • Answer the following questions 
  • Create your own kite and upload a picture 
  • Nominate as many people as you want

This is my kite. I am so obsessed with pink at the moment so of course it had to be that colour.  

      ‘Let’s go fly a kite.’

      I ask you to create a kite to remember that no matter how bad our day can be, the little things will always make us smile.

      Now to the questions: 

      1. Which post is your favorite blog post that you created? 

      I really like my Mary Poppins inspired roundabout. It was so much fun to create. 

      Mary Poppins is practically perfect. 

      2. What do you like the most about yourself? 

      I really like how passion I am about my favorite things.

      In the movie Mary Poppins jumps with the children and Bert into a picture.

      3. In which picture would you like to jump? 

      You can share an old memory you would like to go back to or something you would really like to experience.

      I would really like to jump in to a picture of London. Then I could see the musical ‘Wicked’ for the second time and head over to Brighton.

      4. ‘A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.’ What is one thing that sweetens up your life?

      Mine is probably chocolate! Or listening to the soundtrack of my favorite musicals.
      I nominate:



        dont give a jam

      ‘Anything can happen’ 

      I want to end this post by telling you that you can do whatever you want in your life. Believe strong enough in yourself. Dream big. I know this is really hard and I struggle with this so much, but we can do it, we all can.


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