Little things that make me happy #2

I posted a post like this a few weeks ago ago and thought it was time for another one (check out my last one here). Sometimes we forget about the little things that make us happy and our life so special. Let me know in the comments which little things made you happy recently.

Acrylic paint

I wanted to have some acrylic paint for ages. They don’t cost the world but I’ve just never got around buying some. Now I finally have some and I already used most of them. I had so much fun creating so many things with these. I just love them.


Again this sounds probably so stupid but I broke so many headphones…. Although I don’t really know how I do that.. . I love listening to music and without headphones it’s impossible to do that outside so I am so happy to have some headphones which work again.

Mary Poppins 

I saw the musical ‘Marry Poppins’ at the end of January and it was the best experience ever. I am obsessed with the music and even more obsessed with the German musical actress ‘Elisabeth Hübert’. I love her so much because she is just the perfect Mary (check out my blog post where I talk about my experience here)


I also love being creative. I am so DIY obsessed which you probably know because that is what I post here at the moment. But not every DIY I start works out… so a successful DIY makes me so happy and I love looking around my room and see all the stuff I created. It makes me really proud even if it is only a coloured picture frame. 

(Check out how I created this roundabout here (Mary Poppins inspired)). 

Learning Swedish 

I love Finland. I was there two times before and it was magical! So I really wanted to learn their language. But the app I downloaded for free called ‘Duolingo’ didn’t have that option. So I choosed to learn Swedish. I’ve also been to Sweden before and love it as much as Finland so I thought it was time to start learning a new language. And I really love it! Yes, it is hard, but it makes so much fun. 

Cleaning my glasses 

Again this is so hilarious but I wear glasses and to clean them is often a nightmare. So I finally have a good cleaning option back and love it so much. 

Let me know what makes you happy. I hope you have the best day! 


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