DIY roundabout – Mary Poppins inspired 

As you know I am currently so so obsessed with Mary Poppins. I really like the movie and I love the musical version. So it was about time to create some DIY’s!!! 

Today I show you how to create a roundabout. In the movie Mary, Bert and the children jump into a painting and find a cute roundabout. Mine does not look the same because I like to change it into my style but the movie gave me the idea for it.

We start with cutting out 2 paper circle. 

I decorated them with some heart rapping paper.

The roof of the roundabout was so tricky. I didn’t want to have a flat roof but I went it with in the end cause I couldn’t figure out how to do it different. 

So I cut some straws into little pieces and glued them onto the circles. 

For the bottom you will need again some straws to create the pillars.

Of course you could use some little horses and glue them on to the bottom but I didn’t have any so I printed a picture of a unicorn and glued it on to the straws.

I think this looks so so adorable. I’m probably using it for decoration but it is also a great place to keep your rings or stuff like that. If you use little figures you can put the rings on top of them. 

I love how it turned out.  Let me know what you think of it in the comments. For me it was the perfect excuse to reminisce about my magical musical evening.


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