Sleepless nights 

I am an overthinker, I think too much about the stupid little things. Which gives me some hard night times sometimes. I just lay in bed and can’t go to sleep. With every hour I get more and more awake and I think about even more things. 

Normally about things I am scared of or things which put me down. But last time I thought about just happy things. Things that get me excited.

Which kind of freaked me out. I am used to get so little sleep because of scary things, now I was excited for the next day.

But still couldn’t sleep. 

So normally I would give up at some point and watch videos or so. But after three nights I just needed some rest so I remembered the app ‘Calm’. I used it for my finals to get my head clear and it worked so good yesterday. I choosed the sleep mode and a lovely woman told my a good night story. This kind of sounds weird, listening to this when you aren’t a child anymore. But it helped. 

Do you have that sometimes too? Please let me know if I am not the only weird one. 

I know this is a bit more personal than my usual posts, but I love your support so I feel a bit more confident to talk about this. 


7 thoughts on “Sleepless nights 

  1. Happens to me also at times when I try to jump ahead of myself & get too ahead in the future instead of living in the present. I try to destress before bed with warm cup of tea, stress relief candle and sleep lotion from bath & body works

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