Sparkling glasses 

It’s Valentine’s Day soon!! Although I am not really celebrating it, I think you can prepare some really cute things for it.

Today I show you how to create some sparkly little glitter glasses. I think they are so cute and you can fill them with what ever you want. It is also a good last minute thing to do. 

First of all you will need an empty glass.

And some decorations to put inside, of course loads of glitter.

Start with filling the glass with water.

Then add the glitter, I went for pink one.

You can also add different types of glitter decorations. I also went for these.

And I found these cute little hearts. Perfect for Valentine’s Day.

I also added a little rose to the glass.

And some more glitter on top.

Now you need to close the glass.

And finished is your little glitter glas. You can shake it around and see the glitter floating threw the water.  Such a cute little thing. 


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