Love letters to the dead – Review #Bookclub (big spoilers)

This month’s book was ‘Love letters to the dead’ by Ava Dellaira.

I heard so many amazing things about the book so I really wanted to give it a read and wow!

Hearttouching, crazy, sad, but beautiful.

Laurel lost her sister May a few months ago. After her death her mum moves away because she is overstrained with the loss of one of her daughters. So Laurel stays by her dad one week and one by her auntie. 

The loss of her sister and also of her mum is really tough for her and the relationship to her dad and auntie difficult too.

After reading a couple of pages you immediately get to know the perfect big sister May, who was everyone’s favorite. Especially for her little sister she was the biggest role model.

Laurel has to go back to school, but because she doesn’t want to go to her sister’s old school where everybody knows her she goes to a different school. She has to deal like every new girl on a high school with being alone and finding friends. But she finds two incredible girls who first seemed like they have their lifes put together, but they also fight with their own problems.

Her friends both are gay and are in love with each other. But especially one of them is too scared to make that public. One of them also has to deal with a big brother who is overstrained with the death of his parents. 

In one of Laurel’s first lesson in school she has to write a letter to a dead celebrity. She first doesn’t know what she should write, but it then becomes like a sort of diary for her, where she talks about the loss of her sister and what she means to her.

It is a 400 page book so I can’t talk about everything, but she falls in love with a guy who knew her sister and she fears that he only loves her because of her similarities with her sister. The wish to have her back and becoming like her changes after a few months and she starts having doubts about her perfect sister. She wants to hate her for what she’s done to her but she also was the best person in her life. 

When their parents separate from each other it hurts May really much. She goes to parties, drinks alcohol to get away from a place she can’t call home like before. Her little sister thinks that she has an incredible life but in the end she is just hurt and sad. Because of that she doesn’t do as much with her little sister than before which ruins her world.

So when May (big sister) starts doing more again with Laurel, Laurel is so happy about that. May says they would go together to the cinema to watch a movie. Laurel is so excited, but May only wants to meet her boyfriend and leaves her little sister with a friend of her boyfriend at the cinema until the movie finishes. But that friend assaults her little sister. She doesn’t tell it her big sister because she is too scared that she then won’t take her out again.

It is the most heartbreaking thing. When she then tells her sister what that guy does to her everytime she goes, she is shocked and climbs onto a balustrade of a bridge and falls. 
It’s the story of two sisters. One of them wants to protect her sister and doesn’t talk about her feelings and tries to give her a perfect world.  But in the end it doesn’t turn out like that.  

Laurel has to understand that May wasn’t perfect and it’s okay that she isn’t perfect either.

Did any of you read the book? Let me know what you think of it.


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