Little things that make me happy 

Sometimes we forget about the little things that can make our day so special and amazing. 

So I wanted to write down a few things which make my day so much better.

Of course pizza!

I mean who doesn’t love Pizza?! It’s just the best thing ever.

I also got this new duvet cover from ikea. I already had the pink roses for years. I think this is one of the most iconic bedding everybody knows. But when I saw the blue roses I freaked out and was so happy about it so I went back to ikea to get it. And I love it so so much! 

Collateral beauty 

Tonight I saw such an amazing and beautiful movie called ‘Collateral beauty’. Starring amazing actors like Keira Knightly and Will Smith. 

First I wasn’t sure if I really should go and see it, but wow. It was so nice to watch and really hearttouching. 

I only can say go and watch it! 

The movie made me so happy because it was a really beautiful story. 

Also my mum gave me this shower gel. It’s a special for Valentine’s Day and so cute and it smells so nice. I was so happy when she gave it to me, such a sweet little thing. 

I also love my new lip balm! And of course Wonder hand by Zoella beauty. This is my favorite hand cream! I have really dry skin and this one helps keeping my hands soft. The only sad thing is that I am running out soon and I always have to order it online cause they don’t sell it in my country.

Let me know which little things make you happy. 


4 thoughts on “Little things that make me happy 

  1. Awe this is so cute! I might steal this idea from you ahaha! Honestly that bedding looks super cute and yup you’re right, pizza is incredible! Zoes hand cream is amazing!!! I love all the stuff she brings out to be honest. Great post my friend 🌟

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