Beauty and the beast is one of my biggest favorite childhood movie, as some of you might know. But there is also another movie I was so obsessed with and watched all the time with my little sister.

 Mulan (Disney)

If you never watched it, watch it, it’s really good. At least I think it’s amazing. The music is incredible and there’s one song I was so obsessed with but kind of forgot about and I literally knew nearly still all of the words to it.

That made me really happy if that doesn’t sound too weird.  And yes, can’t stop listening to it now.  

It’s called ‘I make a man out of you’ and is the most cheerful song ever.

Can we also just talk about the amazing scenery in the movie?! I want to go to freaking China now. I remember as I child I was so obsessed with the nice flours. Yeah, really beautiful! 

I also really like the characters. There’s also a second part which has an amazing song in it too. Haven’t watched it in ages too, but I remember loving the first one so much more. But still want to watch it, cause of memories. 

Let me know what your (Disney) childhood movie was and when you watched it the last time.  

Also I hope you like my DIY spam. One of my new years resolution was to be more creative and I have to stick to that. 


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