Review of ‘Everything Everything’ (SPOILERS INCLUDED) #Bookclub

This month’s book was ‘Everything Everything’ by Nicola Yoon. 

I read the book in a day. It is really easy and fun to read. It includes also a lot of drawings and statistics. But it also includes loads of spoilers for books and movies, although the books which are mentioned are well known so you kind of must live behind the moon to don’t know them.

The book is about a girl who is very ill so she can’t leave the house and nobody can visit her because of the risk to get ill. Because of that she has a really strong relationship to her mother and to her nurse who is more of a best friend to her. She kind of has some Internet friends but most of the part she is alone. She never complained about it and finds herself reading books all the time.

One day new neighbours move into the house next to her. The family includes a mom, a dad, a girl and a boy. She immediately is interested in the boy who is called ‘Olly’ and becomes a really big part in her life. The relationship first works about the window and Internet, but at some point it is not enough for her. 

Her mum is really worried about her changing so much and not being as interested in her relationship with her mum than before. Because of that she doesn’t want her daughter to be friends with ‘Olly’ anymore which is too much for her daughter. She runs away and decides that she prefers two amazing days outside than a life alone.

The book seems like a heart touching love story which it is but in the end not in the way you expected it to be. The book is by far not boring and includes a big plot point.

Her mum lost years ago her husband and her son. Her daughter was just born and was ill very often. The mum feared to loose her daughter too so she brought her to her house and never let anyone in or her out because she was convinced that her daughter otherwise will die.

When her daughter ‘Mad’ finds out that she isn’t sick she can’t stay at her moms anymore and wants to see and travel the world with ‘Olly’.

The book is really really amazing. You think about what you can do everyday and how horrible it must be to can’t leave the house and to don’t have any friends or contact with the world. To live a lie your whole life is unbelievable, although her mum mean it in a mean way, it is just crazy. The book teaches you how happy we all should be to be healthy and how important mental health care is.

I would recommend everybody to give it a read. 😊


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