My favorite places 

I recently thought about the places I love the most and feel really good being there.

The cinema of course. I spent here way too much time 😅. But I just love the atmosphere and going to cinema is one of my favorite things ever. ❤🎬🎥📽

Seeing a new movie makes me feel so excited and happy. It is really one of my happy places.

The same goes for theaters. I love going to musicals so so much! I love everything about it and whenever I am there I feel so happy and amazing. ❤

Bookshops! I love books so much. As a child I always went to the same book shop and it is still there in my town. I haven’t been there for years but I really want to go there back because it always was one of my favorite places. 

There’s also this cute little bookshop near where my grandma lives. I really love going there because it fells so special and smells so good.

I love that you automatically are quiet when you enter or you just whisper because of this amazing atmosphere. 📖📚 

Cafés ☕. I found my favorite café! They have the best blueberry pancakes and it looks so cute. The only thing which isn’t so good is the service because they are always stressed and a bit impolite… . But I still love going there with my friends.❤

And I am really excited to go to the Christmas market. You immediately feel so christmassy and just have to love it there. I always went there as a child and literally nothing has changed, it is so beautiful there. 🎄

Tell me what your favorite places are. 😊


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