Songs who never get old to me 

Some songs you can listen to your whole life without getting sick of them and some of them take you back to special days, years or persons. I’m going to list some of my favorite songs and what they mean to me.

‘Chocolate’ -1975.

The first time I heard this song was when I watched the travel diary from Tess Christine when she visited San Francisco (Youtube). She played it in the background and I just so loved it. Thankfully she left the names of the songs in her description so I checked them out and I am so happy about it. I love the song so so much. I have been listening to it the whole time when I read ‘All the bright places’ and at the moment it is my everyday song and it makes me so happy listening to it.

‘Breaking free’ and ‘Can I have this dance’ -High school musical (1 and 3)

I am so obsessed with High school musical.  Maybe not so incredible much now as I was a few years ago but still love it. When I watched the first movie for the first time I absolutely loved it. I always watched it with my little sister and also with my mum and we would sing the songs everyday. The same for the second part. The third part ‘Senior year’ actually is my favorite. I don’t know how often my sister and I watched it together. We know all the songs and we actually could talk the lines of the different characters because we have watched it so often. When I was in my first years of high school we actually sang the songs of the first high school musical in my choir which was really cool. We had nearly the same choreography  (but a bit easier and without any crazy jumps or stuff like that) and it was so cool singing the songs.

Music always meant a lot to me because I used it to get out of my life and day dream a lot about different crazy things.

‘Anywhere’ – John Martin, ‘Stay the night’ – Zedd and ‘Stupid little things’ – Anastacia

These were my summer songs where I dreamed I would go to cool parties and have epic summer night outs 😎😂😂😂😂. Which I never did. I still love the songs. They always put me in a great mood.

‘Scream and shout’ –

This one also is a summer song for me because I listened to it every time my mum would drive me home and we sang and screamed the song together and it felt so special and amazing. Never going to forget these amazing car night sessions. ❤

The songs of the musicals Elisabeth, 3 Musketiers, Dance of the Vampires, Wicked, Tarzan and Rebecca.

I am a huge musical lover so is my mum and my sister. I’ve been to quiet a few with my mum and sometimes my dad joined too. Whenever we (my mum, my sister and me) drove somewhere we always listened to the songs of these musicals and OMG I never will forget these journies. They were so amazing 😍 and are actually a big part of me I think.

‘All stars’ – Smash Mouth

I know this song because of the Shrek movies. I think they took it for the first movie as their soundtrack. I love these movies so much 😍. When I was little, little like in kindergarten, in summer we always went to Denmark for our holidays. Denmark is so beautiful and I really want to go there again. We always went in the same town or near this town and always ate in our favorite restaurant the bondehuset. It would be so cool if it’s still there…. memories ❤. We always drove their with our car in the night so that there isn’t as much traffic and we could sleep in the car and wouldn’t annoy our parents too much 😂. So before getting in the car we always watched shrek. Every single year we watched it before leaving. These movies mean so much to me and because they mention ‘All stars’ I freaking love this song.


Actually all of their songs… my best friend and I went to see Mamma Mia together and her mum had they CDS of them so we always listened to ABBA when we were at her house. When we started our Mario 8 Wii sessions our soundtrack always would be ABBA and we screamed the lyrics out. I love these nights so much ❤.

Of course there are so many more songs which I absolutely love but for today I wanted to share these ones ❤ because I thought of them. Music is so amazing


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