My weekend trip to Italy – Como by sun 

After exploring Como by rain we were lucky to see it by sun too the next day and it was beautiful. We went to town to shop for a bit and then went to the mountain railway to go up to the hill.

To get to the hill you need to get the mountain railway which was interesting to take, really hot inside… but it was cool to get this experience.

To get there we walked along the lake and had incredible nice weather. 🌞

Up on the hill we had the most amazing view 😍. It was really hot but we walked a bit around and it was so worth it because it was just so beautiful and amazing.

Down again we were a bit hungry so we went to eat some more pizza 🍕.

And after that we went back to the car to go to George Clooney’s holiday house but we didn’t find it. 😅 but it was really nice driving along the lake because the view was just amazing. ❤

But after the long drive I really was excited to lay in my bed 😉.

( I did include a lot more pictures but my phone or computer broke on half the way and I tried it about 100 times so yeah, these are the ones which made it)


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