My weekend trip to Italy – Como by rain 

My amazing lovely mum booked us a weekend trip to Italy 😍🌞🍝🍦🍨🍧 which was so nice of her ❤.

I was really excited to go there. We stayed in Como which is by the Lake Como and had an incredible nice appartement.

Sadly the next day the weather was horrible, it basically rained all day 😭. But we still had a nice day and what better to do than going shopping on a rainy day. So we went to ‘Fox town’ which is a big outlet shopping center. And yes I found a few things. There was a massive sale on the old Nike shoes.

The normal price was 180 euros and I got them for 43 ✌. And I bought a levis shirt 🙊.

But what I really loved about the day was my hair. My mum did it for me and I looked like Lou from ‘Me before you’ 😍❤. I love her so so much.

Fun fact the view was a painting I stood in front of. 😅😅😅

We also looked around the shops in Como and saw a bit more of Como, by rain :D.

After being completely soaked we went to dinner which was quiet nice and the pizza was delicious.

And to end the day we played some Rommé which was really nice 🤗.

But I was really excited for the next day because the weather was supposed to be better on that day *_*.


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