For some just an insignificant day – for me one of the best days ever 

I woke up at about ten o’clock. I was up until 1 am because I read ‘All the bright places’ and ‘The amazing book is not on fire’ and watched Dan roasts himself and Zoella showing some of her old memories.

When I woke up I rewatched the videos because I absolutely loved them, Dan’s video is so funny 😂. I wouldn’t be surprised if you actually could download that song soon on iTunes, the Internet can do it. Then I read a few more pages of ‘The amazing book is not on fire’ and spent 3 hours not moving. At some point I wanted to eat something which was about 2 o’clock and I just made me two slices of toast with some cheese (Sorry Phil but it was delicious  (okay, he’s never going to read that but that’s my post so yeah 😂😂)).

After that I ate some ice cream because why not and watched some MoreZoella and sat on the couch ( I actually managed to find my way there).

Her vlogs are one of my favorites ❤. Her days seem so perfect which I know isn’t always so but I love how happy she is around her friends which makes me so happy. 

After finding a way to get away from watching YouTube videos I continued reading ‘All the bright places’. I haven’t finished the book, at the moment I am half way through it but OMG!!! Love, absolutely love it! I love Finch and I love Violet. I find Finches character so interesting and wish I could be as brave sometimes as he seems to be. But to be fair I love who I am, also if that sounds weird.

I finished the book and I think it is one of the best books I read. I love it. ❤ I really want to read it again. It is so amazing. 

Yesterday my friend celebrated her birthday and I baked a cake for her. I wasn’t sure if the cake actually tastes good but she just sayed ‘everything you do is amazing’ which was really nice of her and yeah, felt really good about that. I mean of course not everything… you get what she and I mean so yeah.

If you wondering what song I’m listening to whilst I write (more type) this on my lovely new phone (I know you all have wondered about that for sure ) it is ‘Chocolate’ from 1975 which I have listened to about 100 times already ✌. I love to hear one song on repeat. Many people hate that, I love it 😁. You know a song is good if you don’t get tired listening to it.

I know I posted some of this pictures like a hundred times, but I think the post looks so much better with some pics in it. 😊

One of my last posts got read by a lot more people than usual, so thank you for that, but I’m not going to mention that too often because I do this blog for me and to give something good, the most amazing thing would be to make someone happy with this and not for any likes or follows. ❤

So I’m going to continue reading my book now, I just quickly wanted to write this down. I manged to do so many posts today 🤔. Staying in bed really helps sometimes 😂.

My mum got me Taylor Swift’s 1989 album on vinyl yesterday 😍. I have the best mum in the whole world and I’m currently listening to it for the first time on vinyl 😍❤. Sounds so good 🎵🎶♩.

And the album looks amazing.

I just wish I never forget the feeling of how I feel right now or I just wish that this feeling will never stop. I am so happy, I love my life, my family everything with them about them. Life is amazing.  ❤

I just thought about how many amazing things happened in the last days, weeks, months. How fast everything seems to happen and to end. You really just need to live the moment. 🌄🌅

Have a nice day whenever you are reading this. ❤

And to end this amazing day I watched the live show of Dan 😂 which was good as always. ❤


9 thoughts on “For some just an insignificant day – for me one of the best days ever 

  1. OMG my kind of girl RIGHT here… it okay to say I’m ACTUALLY FANGIRLING OR PHANGIRLING RN!!!! Omfg yay! A person I can relate to! Girl you seem to much like me! Zoës vlogs are amazing I practically cry laugh and yeah they look PERFECT! And TABINOF? I read the whole thing in 5 hours and downloaded the audio book 😂 must admit it’s one of the best things ever!!! Haha girl you seem to much like me it’s 4am but if it wasn’t I would be screaming! Xxxx

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