Late night writing

One of my new year’s resolution is to play the piano, another is to learn playing guitar and to paint. There was a time I played piano and loved it and was very creative. I really miss that.

I stopped doing these things because there always was a person who was better than me….  That’s really bad because you should do things you love for yourself and not for somebody else or don’t do it because of somebody.

I probably never end up (well never say never) becoming an amazing piano player or an artist, but who cares.

I just want to do something and not just sit there and do nothing or just watch videos. Maybe I also write something (okay I’m really bad at this, or am I?  😁).

We will see what I end up doing, but just do things you love and don’t listen to what everyone else is saying. ♥

So my next step is to learn a taylor (not just one but many taylor swift) song (no not obsessed at all) on the piano and guitar and paint what ever I want to paint. I also want to make a Taylor Swift poster and also a Cara Delevingne one because I love them so much and I just have a poster of one direction 😁.

I’m also so excited to be more creative with my new friend, I told her today that she looks a bit like ‘Luna’ from ‘Harry Potter’. ♥

Good night ♥.


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